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Birds of Prey

Using Brids of Prey to deal with nuisance bids

All wild bird species (including their nests and eggs) are protected by law in the UK. If nuisance birds are causing problems for your business, there are effective solutions to deal with them legally, but you will need the knowledge, experience, advice and guidance of professionally qualified avian specialists for a long-term resolution to your bird issue.

Hawking is an entirely natural solution to deter pest birds. Using specially trained birds of prey, such as Harris Hawks, we can deter gulls and other pest birds without harm.

When seagulls and pigeons regularly see birds of prey in a specific location it convinces them that the raptor is resident in that area, and will attack them (and their young) if they attempt to nest in that location.

This then makes the site far less attractive as a nesting or feeding location, and the birds will choose to find a safer place to nest elsewhere.

The use of hawks and falcons in bird control is a go-to solution where other pest control methods are difficult, unsuitable or impossible. Examples of situations where hawk pest control is a suitable option include large open space areas such as parks, waste and landfill sites, agriculture centres and on the roofs industrial sites.

It can also include covered and confined areas where proofing isn't possible, including in underground and multi storey car parks and warehouses. Pigeon and seagull problems around tower blocks, office blocks, hotels, hospitals, stadiums and shop frontages, docks, power stations, airports, railway stations, sea fronts and any areas where access is all but impossible can also be successfully solved using hawking strategies.

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